Integral Wellbeing

We help restore patients’ teeth with the right treatments. Our multidisciplinary practice is home to a group of dentists who provide Integral Care. We are Tooth Nurturers. Sincere and honest in the way we treat our patients. We are upfront about our treatments and costs. Patients can make their own informed decisions. We want to create a community where patients can thrive in oral health. Our ultimate purpose is to ensure our patients are Rooted in Wellbeing.

Our Services

General Dentistry

Our general dentistry includes a wide range of dental services, such as regular checkups, cleanings, and treatments for common dental issues like cavities, gum disease(bleeding gums), and tooth sensitivity. We also offer teeth whitening services and biomimetic restorations that provide a natural-looking and long-lasting solution for damaged or decayed teeth. 

Oral Surgery

Our oral surgery services include non-surgical wisdom tooth removal, as well as procedures for the treatment of gum disease, dental implants, and other complex dental issues. We offer comprehensive before and after care instructions to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. 


Our orthodontic services include the diagnosis and treatment of common orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth, bite problems, and jaw misalignment. We offer Sebaris and self-ligating braces to provide efficient and effective teeth straightening options. 


Our prosthodontic services include the design and fitting of dentures, dental implants, and other custom oral prostheses to replace missing teeth or improve the function and appearance of your smile. We offer crown and bridge procedures, as well as smile makeovers with veneers to transform the look of your teeth. 


Our endodontic services focus on the diagnosis and treatment of problems related to the pulp and nerves inside your teeth. We offer single visit root canal treatments to provide quick and effective relief from tooth pain and infection.

Asthetics Dentistry

This is a field of dentistry that is sometimes referred to as cosmetic dentistry. Our primary goal is to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your teeth while also improving their functionality. This can involve a variety of treatments, such as teeth whitening, veneers, orthodontics, dental implants, and gum reshaping, among others.


Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with advanced technology, such as dental photography, 3D intraoral scanners, and CBCT 3D x-rays, to provide accurate diagnoses and high-quality dental care. We also offer dental rubber dam procedures to ensure a clean and safe treatment environment.  

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What do our patients say about us?

Amirul Hazim Amir (AHA)

Once you enter the clinic, you will experience a convenient environment and well-trained customer service. Excellent services are given here starting from Customer Service to the Dr who advised me about my tooth. Dr. Sujitraa is helpful and will advise everything regarding your tooth. They deserved the compliment. The pricing is reasonable here. I will do 2nd appointment later at this clinic.

Muhamad Syafiq Abd Rahman

Recommended dental/dentist for those peeps in Melaka. I did my composite filling, scaling and polishing with Dr D, and he was really goooodd. Then I opted to put in those self-ligating braces with Dr Suj and one word Awesomee! Not to mentioned the comfy waiting area and professional DSA. Keep it up Saujana Dental Team!

Shukri Mahadi

Recommended. Really nice new clinic. The staff and doctors are very professional and courteous. The price also acceptable. My 8 years old daughter enjoy her visits.

Irfan Zufayri

My regular and favourite dental clinic. The ambience and the services are top notch. Dentists provide great consultation and services with care and professionalism. Forever be my monthly/yearly places to visit! Price worth: affordable and worth the experience (dentist will consult first and you may ask for the price) Services: top notch Equipment: modern and latest Ambience: love

Fauzi Aslan

The clinic is super comfortable. I always seek treatment here when I was in Melaka due to generosity and superb follow-up from the clinic. I had a very good experience with Dr Yazid and Dr Fyy, they’re indeed great dentists. I’ve done minor oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth, recovery was fast and all was good.

Zulyza Zulkefleh

Ruang menunggu yang selesa. Layanan doktor dan staff yang ramah .Doktor yazid beri penerangan dengan baik. staff yang baik.Recommend

Nurul A.

Rawatan Ortodontik (braces) dengan Dr. Afiqah – Terdapat beberapa jenis braces ditawarkan di sini, dan doktor telah mengesyorkan braces “self ligating” adalah yang paling sesuai untuk masalah gigi saya – Dr. Afiqah memberikan penjelasan terperinci sebelum rawatan, dan menerangkan setiap langkah sewaktu prosedur membuatkan saya yakin dengan perkhidmatan beliau – Rawatan gigi yang selesa tanpa rasa sakit

Nazrah Sarbini

i would say d doctor is super patient-friendly, not focusing solely on charging d extreme he can go as he gives options to patient on d best cost- effective way to solve d patient’s dental issues.Dr. Dinesh was very clear with his explanations, has patient demeanor answering patient’s qs. thanx n keep up d good work doctor.thumbs up!

Faizah Noe

Klinik bersih dan selesa. Kakitangan dan doktor yang mesra dan bersopan. Perjidmatan yang berkualiti. Maintain kan kualiti perkhidmatan anda. Terima kasih

Alang & Afiq

Pergi klinik kerajaan, prefer cabut GG. Tapi sayangkan gigi, saya pergi ke klinik gg Bukit katil. Alhamdulillah. Dpt diselamatkan GG Walaupon lubang dah besar.Terima Kasih Dr yg merawat saya. Terbaik. Sangat2 Recommended.

Nor Mashidayu

Terima kasih Doktor & Staff yang merawat gigi saya.Sangat berpuas hati & friendly #bridge #gigidahcantik

Farah’ Ain

Doctor and staff sangat sangat baik! Anak saya suka bethol dekat klinik ni and doc & staff! Serious best sangat kat sini. Thankyou doc & staff! We loveyou.

Nurul Husna

Service bagus, dr explain well. Coz im a worried mom, risau gigi kekal anak x tumbuh2 kesan accident my son ckp best macam tengah chill tepi pantai je cakap xray tadi macam tengah main game, powerrr machine dia.

Norazlina Abu Bakar

Environment clean & selesa sangat².. Servis terbaik dri staff mahupun dktr.. Highly recommend utk yg duk area Bukit Katil.Hrge STD berpatutan la dgn service yg diberikan

Mithel Nagin

One of my greatest and amazing experience of dental. Glad to be treated by Dr. Dineshwaran!!! I hardly rate anyone with 10/10 but for this truly deserving 10/10.

Monika Khandhar

I have the biggest fear to visit a dentist but the team in this clinic proved me wrong and i had the best experience ever visiting a dentist after a few go to dentist from now on! Thank you Dr Yazid, Dr Dinesh and team for the amazing experience.

Dr Nurul Asma Mazlan

Kekalkan prestasi, kekalkan budi bahasa.. Klinik kesukaan anak saya. Highly recommended

Nabila Mazlam

I love everything about this clinic inclusively…easy to find parking, spacius clinic, very great ambience, doctors very professional and gentle,attentive too…assistant also very helpful and attentive…good payment system..Im someone that really traumatize n scared of dentist, but they able to handle me fact during root canal procedure I even asleep & snorred..hahahahaha..Thank u

Irene Hong

Good service and feel comfortable eventhough doing scaling ..No bleeding ,no screaming for the irresistible pain

Rammesh Piley

The dental service here is awesome. Dr.Sujitra treat her patients very politely and very gentle during the treatment. The staffs and the front receptionist are very helpfull and kind. Highly recomemded for dental service at this place. The price is very reasonable as well.

Mas Merah

Staf dan doc sgt mesra. Doc yg buat rawatan pun bagi penjelasan jelas keadaan gigi, siap ambil gambar dan tunjukkan pada patient… Cabut gigi pun boleh cepat hilang rasa sakit… Next time boleh buat rawatan lagi di sini, insha Allah. Highly recommended

Shahrin Azali Jamat

Pengalaman cabut gigi paling hebat. Dgn layanan doktor yang sangat baik. Saya pesakit stroke tapi rasa sangat selesa. Sedar tak sedar, gigi dah dicabut. Dari segi kos sangatlah berpatutan. Tersasar jauh dari anggapan awal. Sangat-sangat recommend

Welcome to Saujana Dental

We help restore patients’ teeth with the right treatments. Our multidisciplinary practice is home to a group of dentists who provide Integral Care.