Our Services

General Dentistry

Our general dentistry includes a wide range of dental services, such as regular checkups, cleanings, and treatments for common dental issues like cavities, gum disease(bleeding gums), and tooth sensitivity. We also offer teeth whitening services and biomimetic restorations that provide a natural-looking and long-lasting solution for damaged or decayed teeth. 

Oral Surgery

Our oral surgery services include non-surgical wisdom tooth removal, as well as procedures for the treatment of gum disease, dental implants, and other complex dental issues. We offer comprehensive before and after care instructions to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. 


Our orthodontic services include the diagnosis and treatment of common orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth, bite problems, and jaw misalignment. We offer Sebaris and self-ligating braces to provide efficient and effective teeth straightening options. 


Our prosthodontic services include the design and fitting of dentures, dental implants, and other custom oral prostheses to replace missing teeth or improve the function and appearance of your smile. We offer crown and bridge procedures, as well as smile makeovers with veneers to transform the look of your teeth. 


Our endodontic services focus on the diagnosis and treatment of problems related to the pulp and nerves inside your teeth. We offer single visit root canal treatments to provide quick and effective relief from tooth pain and infection.

Asthetics Dentistry

This is a field of dentistry that is sometimes referred to as cosmetic dentistry. Our primary goal is to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your teeth while also improving their functionality. This can involve a variety of treatments, such as teeth whitening, veneers, orthodontics, dental implants, and gum reshaping, among others.


Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with advanced technology, such as dental photography, 3D intraoral scanners, and CBCT 3D x-rays, to provide accurate diagnoses and high-quality dental care. We also offer dental rubber dam procedures to ensure a clean and safe treatment environment. 

Welcome to Saujana Dental

We help restore patients’ teeth with the right treatments. Our multidisciplinary practice is home to a group of dentists who provide Integral Care.