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Meet the Smiling Faces Behind Your Healthy Teeth: Our Dentists!

Dr. Yazid

Dr. Y has a special interest in anterior aesthetic rehabilitation. This includes filling, veneer, crown and bridges of the front teeth. This will ultimately change someone’s smile as well as boost their confidence.

Dr. Afiqah

Dr. Fyy focuses on orthodontics. This is a field which is commonly known as ‘braces’. Doing braces does not only change how you smile, but it can also improve speech and mastication among other things.

Dr. Dinesh

Dr. Dinesh has a passion in endodontics which is often referred as Root Canal Treatment or RCT. It involves cleaning the root canal spaces from dead cells and bacteria. This is usually done on tooth which have one or more episodes of pain. This treatment will resolve the infection and relieve the pain.

Dr. Sujitra

Dr. Suj's main interest is in oral surgery, particularly surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Dr. Suj also focuses on indirect prostheses such as crowns and bridges to replace missing teeth. These options offer a permanent solution to replace missing teeth other than removable prostheses.

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We help restore patients’ teeth with the right treatments. Our multidisciplinary practice is home to a group of dentists who provide Integral Care.